Do you have concerns about the safety in the neighbourhood you want to live in Vancouver? Ultimately, Vancouver is one the safest cities to live in Canada, but of course some neighbourhoods are safer than others, so here is a list of the 4 Safest Neighbourhoods in Vancouver.

Downtown Vancouver

You should have zero worries when you are in Downtown Vancouver, there are plenty of expensive residential buildings and many offices that belong to major companies, which means plenty of security and police patrol. The area is a popular hang out spot, so the most you need to worry about is drunk people walking around.

West End

The West End is one of the safest neighborhoods in Vancouver, and is a very popular area due to its attractions like Stanley Park, Vancouver Aquarium, and the Variety Kids Water Park. High volumes of people makes the area less susceptible to crime because there are so many eyes everywhere, and the West End is one of those high volume areas.

Mount Pleasant

This is one of the more popular neighbourhoods in Vancouver, as there are plenty of residential buildings as well as business properties in the area. It also has a huge diverse group of people with wide ranges of age, culture, and income. In Mount Pleasant you can find many hole-in-the-wall stores that are unique in their own special way.


For those who perceive Vancouver to be a hipster city, they must be familiar with the neighbourhood of Kitsilano. In this part of the city you will find many organic markets, boutiques, and young people as this is one of the popular places to hang out in the city.

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