Many people have been making the move to live in Western Canada, mostly British Columbia. And for good reason, it’s a beautiful province. Before you make the decision to move out here yourself, there are a few things you should know before heading out to the west coast of Canada. These are 4 Things To Know Before Moving to BC.

Get your umbrella ready

Get your umbrella ready

It doesn’t stop raining in BC, in fact, Abbotsford, Vancouver and Victoria all land in the top 5 for most rainy cities in Canada. With rain comes umbrellas, so make sure you’re always equipped with one, even if it looks like it is the perfect day to skip through a field of flowers, that rain will sneak up on you.

Outdoor activities are your new favourite thing

Outdoor activities

It’s all about the outdoors when you’re in BC, hiking might become your new favourite pastime. There are plenty of hiking trails and not a chance you could conquer them all (that is a challenge). Cycling might become your new mode of transportation like many B.C. natives.

It’s not cheap

It's not cheap

You better have some cash on hand when you decide to make the move to B.C. Living in B.C. is not cheap at all, Vancouver has been the hottest and most expensive real estate market in Canada for a few years, which has had an enormous affect on the surrounding cities.

Great culinary scene

Great culinary scene

If you love fine dining or great street food, B.C. will be heavenly to you. If there is one thing B.C. has, it is the ability to find great, fresh food wherever you are in the province. The massive amounts of farmland and proximity to water allow for B.C. to have great produce and of course some of the freshest seafood Canada has to offer, so bon appetit.

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