The summer is quickly coming to a close, so you need to get the most enjoyment out of it as you can before the rain starts to come down on us every other day. What better way is there to enjoy a nice hot day than with a cold scoop of ice cream. Grab the kids and grab a scoop of mouth freezing ice cream from one of these 5 best places to grab ice cream in Victoria.

Cold Comfort

Cold Comfort

When you get to Cold Comfort you’re definitely going to consider turning back around and going somewhere else, but we caution you, don’t make that mistake. The price is not the cheapest, and lines aren’t the shortest but you are no doubt getting what you pay for when you get one of their cookie ice cream sandwiches.

Chocolate Favoris

Chocolat Favoris

You can never go wrong with ice cream on a cone. The only thing better is ice cream on a cone, dipped in chocolate. Stop the watering from your mouth and just head to Chocolate Favoris to get your dipped ice cream cone, you can thank us later.

The Soda Shoppe

The Soad Shoppe

The Soda Shoppe provides you with options, plenty of great ones at that. You can come here for a scoop of ice cream and end up ordering a hot dog/sausage, a float, a milkshake to name a few. Just make sure you leave enough room for dessert when you decide to head here.

Jackson’s Ice Cream Float

Jackson's Ice Cream You might not notice this place the first time you see it, but it’s there and they have been selling some of the best ice cream in the city of Victoria. Be sure to try their waffle cones for the best experience.

Paradiso Di Stelle

Paradiso Di Stelle This isn’t your typical ice cream parlour, but Paradiso Di Stelle serves up some of the best frozen treats in Victoria. If you’re not in the mood for a cold treat they also serve up some hot drinks like coffee and cappuccinos. Which ever you’re in the mood for, Paradiso Di Stelle has it for you.

Do you have a favourite ice cream place in Victoria? Let us know where it is!

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