The province of British Columbia is as beautiful as it comes when in North America. The city of Victoria is one of the great cities to choose from when moving to British Columbia and these simple 5 reasons you need to be in Victoria is all the convincing that you need.

Beautiful Waters

Beautiful Waters It’s one thing to go kayaking down a rough and strong river, but in Victoria you can go kayaking on the calm ocean.

Great Beaches

Beautiful Waters You get access to some of the best beaches that Canada has to offer. Make your pick, China Beach, or the Esquimalt Lagoon.

Beautiful Buildings

Beautiful Buildings There is no shortage of beautiful structures in Victoria. At night you will see the Parliament buildings lit up with beautiful lights.

Street Art


Everyone loves great art and how can you not love beautiful art that is displayed on buildings for people to enjoy as they explore the city.


Street Grab the sunscreen and get the kids to one of the great parks Victoria has to offer. Victoria has a number of parks where you and the kids can have a great afternoon of fun and activities.

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