Winter Moving

Tips to Keep You Safe and Warm During Your Winter Move

This weekend, British Columbian's will "fall back" an hour, marking the end of Daylight Savings. For most of you, this means an extra hour sleep - for us, this means, preparing for winter moves.

If you are planning a move in Victoria, British Columbia, here are some tips to help keep you warm and safe during the slippery rain, colder temperatures, and even (gasp) snow.

Set Up Utilities

Make sure you make arrangements to have your utilities set up before your move. We recommend connecting service a day or two ahead, to ensure you have heat and light during the shorter, colder days. Remember to check the hot water too!

Protect Your Floors

Living in Victoria = Rain. Prepare your new space by putting down plastic or cardboard in all entrances and high traffic areas. This will protect your floors from muddy and wet winter boots, and also salt if it has snowed.

Don't Pack all the Hot Drinks

Leave the hot drinks out so you can prepare some tea, coffee or hot chocolate for you and your moving crew. It's a quick way to warm up, stay hydrated, and it may also help re-energize everyone.

Make Arrangements for your Pets

If you do not have friends or family they can stay with for the day, consider boarding them for a few reasons. First, most doors are propped open during a move, which means your little loved ones can get out - moving is stressful enough without looking for a pet that has wandered off. Second, pets can get under your feet and inadvertently trip you while you're carrying boxes or moving furniture. Lastly, pets sometime have difficulty adjusting to a move. We recommend you move them last, so they will arrive at your new place with familiar furniture and scents to help them settle in.

Be Prepared for Snow

If the forecast calls for snow, keep the shovels, ice scrapers and warmer clothes at hand in your vehicle. We recommend arriving at your new place early, to allow time to shovel a path from the road to the entrance. Remember to clear the pathways at your current place as well!

We hope these tips will keep you safe when moving in Victoria, British Columbia this winter! If you're looking for movers to help with your move, contact A to B Moving today.

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