Living in Victoria is wonderful. It has great schools, friendly people and countless scenic day trips available for weekend adventures. But what is there to do during the week? Well we have put together a list of 6 Evening Events in Victoria to help you get started on your own list for this summer.

1. Fan Tan Alley

Dubbed as a hidden treasure of Victoria the compact 6-block district located in Chinatown is one of the oldest attractions that the city has to offer. Originally, the alley housed gambling establishments and opium dens which were legal in Canada until 1908, now the throughway is lined with restaurants, art galleries and little shops that serve as a unique tourist attraction in the area.

Fan Tan Alley

2. Picnic at Beacon Hill Park

The 200 acre park is located on the shores of the Juan de Fuca Strait and Victoria, B.C. is a popular spot for families looking to enjoy the outdoors. Although a lot of the area has been landscaped to accommodate playing fields and trails the view of crashing waves from Beacon Hill, for which the park is named, is a beautiful spot to enjoy ocean as the sun sets.

Beacon Hill Park

3. The Royal & McPherson Theatre

The theatre hosts a variety of events each week and caters to the performing art enthusiasts both young and old. The Royal Theatre and McPherson Playhouse host everything from full musicals with an accompanying orchestra and ballets to solo musical performances and strives to “enrich the cultural life of the region”. This is a great evening event in Victoria for people in love with the arts.

Royal Theatre

4. Boat Tour (

B.C. has a beautiful coast line so get out and enjoy it! Whether you are looking to find a pod of whales or you just want to float along and enjoy the view of the mountains in the background there are countless charters and boat rentals available.

Fair Weather Cruises

5. Hit a local brewery (

B.C. is a hot spot for micro breweries these days so finding a new brew to sample each week shouldn’t be a problem. A great reason to catch up with friends or go out and mingle with coworkers after a long day.

Victoria Beers

6. Stroll through the Butchart Gardens

Located to the north east of Victoria, the Butchart Gardens will be in full bloom and they are quite a sight to behold. Along with beautiful walkways lined with indigenous plants and flowers, the gardens is host to functions and events almost weekly during the summer months.

Butchart Gardens
Source: Butchart Gardens’ Facebook

What other nightly activities are there in Victoria?

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