Moving this Summer?

If you're planning a summer move, be ready. Moving in the summer can be stressful, the kids are home, it's hot and everyone else seems to be moving. Below we've put together the 5 Tips for Summer Moving.

1. Plan Early

If you live in a major Canadian city, chances are there is going to be plenty of construction going on in the summer. Plan your move early so you can avoid these areas, the move to your new location will be much more efficient if you take the most appropriate route and avoid these construction zones.

2. Fridges

If you are moving a fridge or a deep freezer to your new home, be sure to defreeze these appliances days before the move. You will have a big clean up waiting for you when you open up the truck if you fail to do so.

3. Have A BBQ

Invite friends over and cook all the food that you have in your house. You shouldn't travel with the food in your fridge because chances are that it may spoil while in transportation. Make a party out of it and have family and friends at your house for one last time before you move out.

4. Summer Clean up

Clean out the house before you start to pack to avoid bringing items that you don't need or you no longer use. It is easy to get caught up in bringing everything in your house, but if you have a lawnmower and your new home is an apartment, sell or give away the lawn mower as it will no longer be useful to you.

5. Stay Hydrated

It is easy to get caught up in the flow of moving and forget to take care of your body, but when the sun is beaming and you are sweating profusely, you cannot forget to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will keep you energized to finish your summer move that day, not staying hydrated will find you sitting in a corner in a pool of sweat, you make the choice.

We hope this helps!

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