Everyone loves the harbour city for its rich and long cultural history, but how much do you know about Victoria? Check out these 5 interesting facts about Victoria to learn more.

Old China Town

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Victoria is home to the second oldest chinatown in North America only behind San Francisco. It was established in the mid-nineteenth century by miners immigrating from California during the gold rush boom. Centered around Fan Tan Alley, an infamously narrow street that houses some of the coolest shops the city has to offer, it has become a tourist attraction for anyone that is visiting the west coast of Canada.

Green Space

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The crown jewel of Victoria’s 70 plus park system is the 75 hectares of Beacon Park located next to the city’s south shore. The park houses the playing fields, gardens as well as exotic plants and peacocks. What you may not know is that the park represents mile “0” of the of the more than 8,000 kilometer long Trans-Canada Highway.

Best Cold Water Diving

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When you think about scuba diving you usually imagine floating around a tropical reef, but for those hardcore adventure divers looking for something more, they head to Victoria. Designated by National Geographic as one of the best cold water dive sites in the world only behind the Red Sea, there is plenty of natural ocean floor structure and marine life to to see in the pristine coastal waters.


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The city has multiple nicknames, the first being ‘The City of Gardens’ which fittingly represents the abundance of the gardens that the city supports headlined by the Butchart Gardens. Victoria is also known as the ‘Newlywed or Newly Dead’ because of its disproportionately large population of retirees which represent more than 18% of the people living there.

Cycling Capital

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According to Stats Canada Victoria has the highest percentage of people who commute to work via bicycle, at 5.9%. To complement the hundreds of kilometers of urban trails and bikes lanes, Victoria also offers some great cross country and mountain biking routes which includes the galloping goose regional trail. Supported by biking advocate groups like Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition and The Bike to Work Society we only expect the cycling fad to trend upward.

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