Moving From Calgary to Vancouver: What You Need to Know

Moving from Calgary to Vancouver can present several challenges. These cities are not only separated by kilometres but also by mountains. With both cities being desirable, people often move between them. If you're thinking about moving between these two western cities, you will need a reliable moving company in Victoria, Vancouver or Calgary.

So how do you find reliable companies?

The answer is: research.

Nothing will beat some good old fashioned investigating of multiple companies. Things like the Better Business Bureau and previous reviews are great for learning about potential companies for your move.

Avoid companies which market themselves as "cheap". Cheap moving companies tend to produce low quality moves and are liable to damage your goods. Instead, get three moving quotes from three different companies (which are reputable). Getting three estimates from reputable companies will give you a grasp on how much your move should really cost. You don't want to fall victim to one of the many moving scams that fly-by-night moving companies pull on customers.

Some Facts on the Move from Calgary to Vancouver:

Distance between the two cities: 1057km

Usual driving time (for a car) : 12-13 hours.

Places to stop along the way to see:

  1. We recommend you stop in Banff first. Banff has great shopping, natural beauty and many outdoor activities available. If you're planning a winter-move make sure to bring your skis/snowboard because you'll want to hit the slopes!

  2. Kamloops has to be next on the list. If you're with the whole family you should stop in at the British Columbia Wildlife Park. If you're looking for a more rugged experience, take the Hemlock Grove Boardwalk trail and take in the beautiful nature around you.

  3. Once you get to Vancouver there will be plenty to see. First, we recommend you head to Stanley Park and walk the Sea Wall. On a nice day it's truly breathtaking.

If you're moving from Calgary to Vancouver check out Calgary to Vancouver for more info. Or contact us today.

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