6 Best Places to Raise Kids in Canada

People move for a variety of reasons. A lot of the time people have to perform long-distance moves to accommodate a career change. Now for those looking to move to British Columbia, you're going to want to make sure you find a great place to call home, for you and your kids.

Moneysense has put together a comprehensive report breaking down the % of students, amount of daycare spaces per-1,000 people, average day care cost and % of families with kids in the area.

Nevertheless, here's a bit of their list mixed in with what we think of each city!

  1. Ottawa, ON Otherwise known as our nation's capital, Ottawa is home to over 883,000 people. There is this inherent friendliness from people in Ottawa and Valley. It's also a major source of government jobs for the people in and around Ottawa.

  2. St. Albert, AB Not many people know about this hidden gem just outside of Edmonton. Boasting a very low violent crime rate and with 18.24% of the population under 15-years-old it's a great family based community. Over 50% of families have kids in St.Albert.

  3. Oakville, ON Located about 20-25 minutes out of Toronto, Oakville gives families a friendly environment to live. The proximity to Toronto allows parents to work in the big city and still live a healthy family life in this suburb.

  4. Burlington, ON Located in the Northwestern region of the GTA, Burlington is consistently ranked in the top 5 places to live in Canada across all major publications. People who live in Burlington can work anywhere in the GTA or Hamilton and still make it home in time for dinner. This is a huge selling point to families looking for a house and yard without sacrificing earning potential.

  5. Calgary, AB Calgary is highest ranked major city on our list for a few reasons: (i) there are a ton of family activities you can do in a big city, (ii) there is very low income tax and high incomes. This means families can have fun while the parents can bring home sizeable incomes as well. If you're thinking of moving to Calgary from Vancouver, let us know!

  6. Blainville, Que While other cities on this list boast average day-care prices between $700-1000 monthly, the average monthly daycare cost in Blainville is a staggering $152 per-month. Blainville is a great place for both new and old families. The city lies 40km from the heart of downtown Montreal and has seen a 15% population increase since 2006. If you can speak a little French, then you're in luck!

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