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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about moving

One of the reasons we are Victoria's preferred moving company is our commitment to service. We understand that you want your furniture, boxes and other belongings to be well looked after during your move. Below we have provided the answers to questions about moving that are often asked of us.

Q. Can I leave my clothes in my dresser drawers?
A. Yes, as long as it is just clothing in your dresser drawers. Avoid leaving things such as photo collections, jewelry, video tape collections etc. due to the fact that if there is too much weight in your drawer, it may break or collapse. Swinging doors on chest of drawers can be filled with your duvet, pillows and other large but light items usually found in the same room.

Q. Do you move plants?
Locally, yes we can. Please keep in mind that we do not offer coverage for damage that a plant may cause. If you need us to move them for you, save some durable garbage bags and place them beside your plants. Once your plants are in the truck, we will place the plant in the bags provided as we do not want to tear the bag while we are moving the plant itself to the truck. For long distance moves, we highly recommend that you do not relocate your plants due to their fragile nature, and long journey ahead. Empty planters are always welcome.

Q. Do I need to tape my dresser drawers shut?
A. No. We will wrap your dresser in a moving blanket and secure it with tape. As mentioned above, you can leave clothing in your drawers.

Q. I have a white sofa, do you have something to protect it?
A. Yes we do! We use stretch wrap for upholstered furniture. We also carry an assortment of mattress covers in every truck. Before your sofa is placed into the truck, as a precaution, we place a moving blanket on our floor to ensure protection against soiling or damage.

Q. Will the movers bring something to protect my hardwood floor (or white carpets)? Do your movers wear shoe protectors?
A. Yes! We have ample rubberized red floor runners to protect any floor. They are slip resistant and can be placed in any hallway or stairwell.

Q. Will my belongings go with someone else's belongings and if so, how do you keep shipments separate? (mostly for long distance moves)
A. Yes, we do combine shipments to reduce shipping costs, as all major carriers do. To make sure we keep your shipment separate, we compile a list of your goods on an inventory sheet. This sheet is a detailed list of all of your furniture and belongings as well as their condition when we received them. After your shipment is loaded in the truck, we use sheets of plywood to separate your shipment and secure your possessions with straps to avoid any movement while your possessions are in transport.

Q. If you are charging me by weight and someone else's belongings are already inside the truck, how do you calculate the weight of my shipment separately?
A. Our procedure ensures you are charged only for your furniture and boxes. We weigh the truck at a certified scale before and then after we load your shipment. This procedure determines the exact weight of your shipment.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. For local moves, we will accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, or personal cheques. PLEASE NOTE: we will only accept a personal cheque if it is accompanied with a Visa or Mastercard to ensure funds. All invoicing must be pre-approved.
For long distance moves, we will accept bank drafts, money order, visa, mastercard, cash, or pre-approved billing. We regret that we cannot accept personal cheques for long distance moves.

Q. I need my bunk bed taken apart. Can you do this?
A. Absolutely. We carry tools in every moving truck that can dismantle almost any piece of furniture in your home. We will take apart and reassemble any article that you need us to.

Q. If I need you to make an extra stop during my local or long distance move, can you do this?
A. Yes. For local moves, you will be charged by the hour and for long distance moves you will be charged an extra fee. Please let us know in advance if possible if you need us to make an extra stop.

Q. Do you ship cars?
A. We sure do! Simply contact us and we'll make all of the arrangements for you. We can ship your car to almost anywhere in Canada, the United States, and even overseas.

Q. Can I hitch a ride with the movers to my new place?
A. No, we regret that we are not licensed to transport passengers.

Q. How do you move flat screen TV's and what can I do to prepare it?
A. First, the stand or wall mount must be removed from the TV. We will look over the TV with you to check for any imperfections. We will then stretch wrap the TV to ensure that the screen will not be scratched. We pack it into our specially designed flat screen cartons which are lined with either crushed paper or a moving blanket. At your new home, we unpack the carton for you. We have a little memo on our bulletin board. It reads It takes less time to do things right than to explain why you did it wrong. Flat screen TV's are no exception.

Of course, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions not listed above!

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